Tuesday, June 17, 2014


A recently humorous conversation at a friend's party with a marketing major -about marketing concepts that simply do not follow suit in Africa compared to other places- has inspired me.  I was immediately reminded that it is time to post another bus blog.  If you haven't seen the amusing bus names of Zim, few of which market themselves well enough to actually make me want to ride a bus, click here to see the full collection.
Here are some more recent goodies: (No photography awards will be granted today.) 

"Slow But Sure"

"Grasshopper God Is Great"

"God Breaking His Silence"

Mada Boss

"Most High God Deliver Me, Pamzimba, Leap of Faith"

"God Reigns"

"Uncle" and "Supremacy"

"One Stop"

"Future" and "Avanti"

"Love and Scandals"

"Rock of Ages" (you can baaarely see it if you look at the right angle...)

"Papie" and "Double Punch"

"Good Girls Praise Him"

"God Given" and "Believe"

"Boss K's"

"Road Link"

"Hard Core" and "Kelvin Sharks"

"Arsenal Fan" and "The Invincibles"

"God's Voice"

"Resurrection Power"