Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amarula, Mi Amore

After going on a school trip with two older women over 60, Kurt is in love. 

But not with the women.  They bought him a bottle of South Africa's famous Amarula.

Though the drink is notorious for coming from the country of South Africa, today wild marula trees, bearing marula fruit, grow abundantly in five countries in Southern Africa.  For only a few weeks of the year the marula fruit is ripe for harvest. We look forward to trying the fruit itself, which is loved by humans and many many wild animals alike. (Hence the elephant picture.)

Amarula is a cream liquor second in popularity around the world only to Bailey's Irish Cream.  Its sweet flavor and 17 percent alcohol content make it a popular addition to coffee drinks and desserts, though it is most often simply consumed alone on ice.

I am not a huge alcohol person.  Usually I can't get over the potent flavor.  But trying this drink was nothing but nice.  We hear Amarula (marketed and popular in South America as well) is trying to break into American and European markets.  If ever you get the chance, we recommend a try- for medicinal purposes, of course...
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