Friday, February 14, 2014

Bus-ting Out

Happy Valentines Day to the Americans I love.  As we take another road trip across the landscapes of Africa, I'm celebrating this American holiday of love by showing you something I continue to love: this ridiculous, always unique, public transport system of southern Africa.  Enjoy some more pictures of the humorous buses of Zimbabwe.  Apologies for some bad pictures, but these buses stop for no one, including their passengers...

"Slim Shady" and "Durban's Finest"

 "Real Two Stars" and "King of the Jungle"

 "Four Sisters" and "Love Prevails"

 "Jon Best" and "Svorai (Shona for despise or look down upon us) My Father"

"Silent Killer" and "Hosana"

 "God Given"

"Scorpion" and "Tasha"

"City Boy Cab" and "Against All Odds"

 "Transformer" and "Noxman"

 "Best Yet to Come" and "Roselux"

 "Zimboy" and "Towdah" ("praise")

 "If Jesus Say Yes: Who Can Say No"

 "Work" and "One Leg Trans"

"Counter Attack!" and "You Never Know!"

 "Let Them Say What They Want" and "The Future"

 "Nice and Easy" and "Ronaldo For Boss K's"

 "Chief Ndega" and "Highly Favored"


Never got the name of this one, but apparently you can bring your couch home on the bus.  Literally.

The story on this humorous transportation system: