Friday, June 28, 2013


 Guava everywhere!  Between our two guava trees, we have had guava at our fingertips for the last five months and are still not at our peak. Jonas' new found hobby is hurrying to find these yellow fruits in the branches above before the birds eat them.  A favorite of animal and human alike!

Most Americans are familiar with guava juice, as these fruits are delicate and stay ripe for seconds before they go bad. Guava has a distinct flavor that has grown on us greatly over the months.

Locals eat guavas skin and all.  If ever you get the chance to try them, I recommend eating one without the skin first. By the time you take out the rock hard seeds and slice off the skin, there is hardly anything left!  This is, therefore, of course how my child likes to eat it.  30 minutes to cut, 12 seconds to eat.

The skin gives guava an entirely different, stronger flavor.  Try one with the skin and it will surprise you.  The skin seems like the outside of a lemon, but it is actually quite nice to chew- not as hard as it looks.  

The best way to eat guava?  With a vegan chocolate brownie, of course!