Friday, May 31, 2013


I drug my feet.   Everyone was making such a big deal about it, its been terribly cold, and my three year old enjoys neither smoking in public or mosh pits (that I know of).  We went at the last minute anyway...

So glad we did - such fun! 

HIFA, an international arts festival, entertains the affluent art loving masses of our capitol city (and then us) for a little over a week once each fall. It was the biggest organized event of the month, possibly the year, to many people in my African country.  Embassies located in the city sponsor artists to represent their country in performing arts that range from music to acrobatics.  The performances are then shown in the city's largest park, taking place on four stages.  Some shows are free; others make for high priced tickets.  Locals go crazy for HIFA, lining up en mass to buy as many tickets as they can get their hands on for a week of entertainment.  Many locals speak of HIFA like a drug, (seriously, like in a strange, creepy way) taking in multiple shows every day to the point of exhaustion and empty pockets to get their year long fix of culture. 


Though performances go late into the night, we took in a daytime show with our three year old and some friends. We saw an amazing musical act from Australia that we will absolutely have to see again if the stars align next year.

All sorts of arts, local handmade goods, festival foods, and random giant puppets completed the experience.

My favorite part... The garbage cans made of garbage!!