Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bush Breakfast


When I suggested to Kurt that we try making a traditional African breakfast on the fire, his eyebrows raised.  But when I told him that in the bush and among rangers in the national parks they cooked on shovels, I then watched his eyes roll.

"Seriously?  I am not eating off of a shovel.  You are crazy," he'd said.

It took a few months, and large number of following eye rolls, but I convinced him finally.  We decided to try our experimental meal at brunch with a set of good friends and their good humored visiting relatives.

So much fun. 

 Extra credit points for Julie, the brave one who jumped in first!

Bush breakfasts vary, but often have a British flair to them... On the menu?  Always cooked tomatoes (standard element of an English breakfast), eggs, chipolata sausage, and pancakes.  Delicious and highly recommended.  But don't forget to wash your shovel first...