Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet Mazoe

Our blogs are back, though they will eventually be shutting down again during election time.

Fast fact:  The Coca Cola Company and Schweppes are huge in southern Africa.  So popular, in fact, that many people secretly reuse a can or bottle over and over, putting water inside of the used containers to project an image of style and class.  And while soft drink beverages like cola and lemon-lime soda are popular for image, there is one drink that is above them all in sales.  Meet Mazoe:

Mazoe is so popular here in our country that I would estimate 95% of the households here have it in their refrigerator at this very moment.  Made by Schweppes, the drink Mazoe (mah-zoe-ee) is named after a river and region north of us called the Mazowie.  Apparently some of the ingredients are grown there.

Though Mazoe comes in a variety of flavors, like raspberry, blackberry, and peach, orange is by far the most popular.

The drink is extremely affordable, as a two liter bottle ($3.00 USD) of the concentrate is then diluted with four times the amount of water to make the drink.

It tastes a lot like Kool-Aid. Children at the orphanage go crazy for this special treat.  Jonas loves to help me wash recycled water bottles from the school before we mix up batches of Mazoe to pour in them.  But he never drinks the stuff. It is far from the healthy side of things...

"when undiluted..."  Love it.