Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Pieces

-There are two common phrases here that drive this type A personality crazy. "Just now" and "Now now." They sound the same to me, but here they mean completely different things.
 Just now means soon.  Whenever. Maybe I'll get to it. Perhaps....
 Now now is now, for reals.  I think.   At least, my intentions are good.

 It is unfortunate to hear these sayings from your hired help, a repairman, or (most especially) your three year old. Just found this on a South African's facebook page (Great page- check it out

Absolutely true.

-Speaking of strange linguistic differences... "Math" is always plural in Africa. For example, people may say they are good at "maths", that it is "maths class," or that they have to do their "maths homework."

-Washcloths are not standard in most hotels in southern Africa.

-Though fitted sheets are standard, over (flat) sheets are not so common here.  We have never had them in a hotel room, and many (but not all) of our friends do not have them in their homes.

-Much to our three year old's happiness, strawberries can indeed be found in southern Africa. But unlike in the US, they are always packaged in bubble wrap!

-Though you can find many raw vegetables and fruits being sold on almost every street in our city, one of the only things you'll find cooked on the side of the road is corn:

(Bad picture) Just realized you can't see any corn in it... But here are five men eating grilled corn behind a stove that sits on the curb.