Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Pieces of Learning

-Naked children are everywhere!  It is not at all unacceptable to let your six year old run around naked at birthday parties, teas, etc. here.

-I never thought I'd be a Madame. But manners are huge in this country, and most adults and all school children I pass on the road greet me with that title. The one exception?  White adults.

-Random prices:
A pomegranate here: $18.00 (We have three pomegranate trees- we're thinking of going into business.)
A package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese: $12.00
Box of frosted corn flakes at our closest grocery store: $7.50
Package of butter (500 mL/1 lb): $5.60-$6.00
Loaf of bread: always 99 cents, whether wheat, seed, white or "whole meal"

-The local Zimbabwean English dialect is littered with Afrikaans slang and other strange words that may or may not be part of a legitimate language.
Arvie: afternoon
Bakkie: pick-up truck
Wendy House: children's playhouse
Robot: traffic light
Braai: barbeque

-Things you will often hear a local say: "Shame." and "Fantastic!"

-Meet the chongololo.  When the rains come, they suddenly appear everywhere.  They are a giant millipede that curls up into a swirl whenever touched.  Three year old Jonas loves them.